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Photo of the Crystal Lake Campground
Photo of the Crystal Lake Campground
Photo of the Crystal Lake Campground
Photo of the Crystal Lake Campground

Description of Crystal Lake Campground: 700 Acre Lake Surrounding Crystal Lake Campground. Bring Your Family & Friends... See And Enjoy All The Things We Have To Offer!

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Traveler Reviews of Crystal Lake Campground

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unless you a rich yuppie this inst the place people are loud yelling and screaming well after 3 am unless your in an expensive camper you are treated like dirt by staff and fellow so called campers the pictures they send you of you camping spot is not your camping spot. I have never been treated like this ever before and I work security I have seen some rude people before. so in closing unless unless your Bill Gates you get no respect an we will never come back and I urge no one to ever try them.

Its very nice

To the above comment, I understand what you are saying about being Bill Gates. I have always been treated with respect at this campground and will try to keep comming back and I only clean houses so I am sorry your experience was bad. The noise is a little much but the campground is one of the funnest and best places I have camped. A great place for those under 100 years of age who like to have fun-CRABBY and PEOPLE WHO LOVE TO COMPLAIN STAY AWAY!

Never Again!!

We were one of two campers that stayed here last year as well as this Labor Day weekend and found so many problems that we wouldn't recommend this site to any discriminating campers. While some problems arose last year, this year, under new management, was a very different story.
The grounds remained poorly maintained-standing water mixed with deteriorating building siding and sand from up hill were covering the entrance to the lower shower-bathroom building; food service at the bar was a disaster--mixed up orders along with poor food quality. The hot-tub was out of order both last year and this year. The couple of signs that were to direct us to the "office", didn't get us there. When we finally found the office, we were directed to the "camp store" for check-in where the clerk would help us between serving ice cream and helping other customers. They were unable to locate our reservation and assigned us to last years site which was corrected by our first arriving camper.
My wife witnessed the manager using rude, denagrating and insensative comments to some staff members.
Further, only about 10% of total camping spaces are available to visiting campers and we saw several empty spaces. (wonder why?!)
The previous opinion was probably from an "annual" resident who wouldn't face these issues or would choose to ignore them.
Our overall evaluation of this campground is that they have little concern for their visiting campers as well as their staff. We will not be returning.

Mixed feelings

The problem with Crystal Lake "RESORT" is that it is owned by a bunch of lawyers doctors in NEW YORK called MORGAN MANAGEMENT....They make it awful hard on the people who love and care about this place....Seasonal and residents here have been thru TOTAL HELL the last few years but unfortunatly they keep looking 2 these good people 2 keep getting less 4 more $$$$$$. It is the Love of $$$ that is the root of all evil.WORD PEACE OUT


The staff ...there are all great....but DO NOT COMPLAIN otherwise u will HEAR a WHOLE MESS OF BS about what a jerk u are....Jack..big dude says sure give it all u got...then whines...Crystal is just a bitch with a shitty attitude but only when Patty is gone...Ever hear the line the consumer is always right...Would B very glad 2 hear back from ANYONE about any of this CRAP


To the pool staff....store and bar staff...namely Kaitlin,, Michelle, Ben...120 degrees of kudos...Cleaning ladies especially Diane fulltime, bartenders Brandon...Get your head out of your ass NEW YORK...DO THE RIGHT THING FOR ONCE!!!!!!

try it you'll like it

We were interested in renting a yurt so checked it out. Found the staff esp the manager Patty helpful and cordial. The residents were all up beat and spoke very highly of the resort. Friday fish fry was fantastic and reasonable. Sharon and I ended up buying a seasonal unit and are truly happy campers.

Fantastic Family Fun

My family went for a week of fun and we were not disappointed. The entire staff was very nice and if there was an issue they were very prompt to fix it. The campground is in the process of restructuring under new management. Patty did an extraordinary job accommodating all new and current campers I have seen. What a great environment for the family. I highly recommend this campground to any family that wants to get away and enjoy family time at a great resort. Once again, great job to the staff: office staff, lifeguards, maintenance, housekeepers, and management. Your meticulous work does not go unnoticed.


Crystal Lake has had 4 years of uncontrollable flooding issues but now things are really turning around! Great manager, great weekend activities and everyone seems to be smiling again! We are seasonal but I've heard great comments from weekend campers all summer long! Keep up the good work everyone!

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Crystal Lake Campground Contact Information

Crystal Lake Campground

Address of Crystal Lake Campground
N550 Gannon Road, P.O. BOX 188,
Lodi, Wisconsin
USA, 53555
Phone of Crystal Lake Campground
(608) 592-5607
Website of Crystal Lake Campground
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